Neat Plugins

These are community-made plugins that you can install by using /xlplugins in-game when the in-game addon is enabled.
They are made by third-party developers, not associated with XIVLauncher. You can read more about each of them by clicking their name.

Author Name Description
Ottermandias Accountant Keep track of retainer, airship, submersible, aetherial wheel and crop timers as well as several miscallaneous tasks of multiple characters.
Caraxi Adventurer in Need Recieve a notification when a duty roulette is in need of a role. /pbonus to setup
Ottermandias AutoVisor Automatically change visor, headslot hiding, and weapon hiding status for different player states, as well as default CPose-stances per job.
ascclemens Better Party Finder Filter the party finder better.

All vanilla filtering is available, plus:

- Create filter presets to easily switch between
- Whitelist/blacklist specific duties and categories
- Add character names to hide PFs from
- Remove PFs above maximum item level
- Filter on item level range
- Filter on multiple jobs and slots (ex. MCH + GNB available)
ackwell Browser Host Dalamud plugin for in-game browser rendering. Think OverlayPlugin, but it’s in the game itself.
Use the settings button below or the ‘/bh config’ command to configure.
ascclemens Burnt Toast Hides toast notifications you don’t want to see.
Caraxi & Ottermandias ChatAlerts  
Haplo064 Chat Bubbles Using native chat bubble display, see who is talking about what in a more natural fashion.
kij ChatCoordinates Places flag marker on map from coordinates in chat.
Opens map with given coordinates for current or given zone.
See “/coord” for configuration and usage info.
Franz ChatTyper Prefixes all chatbox messages with their chat type number and name, if known.
Chivalrik Compass Check-out the repository for steps on how to report missing/wrong filter
and hiding options. Have a look at the FAQ tab in the config window
after install for common caveats.
goat, modded by Franz Discord Chat Bridge This plugin allows you to receive your chat messages via Discord.
goat Fancy Loading Screens This plugin shows the destination zone’s concept art while loading.
goat Discord Rich Presence This plugin allows you to show your zone, job, name and world in your Discord status.
perchbird Damage Info Configurable options for in-game fly text color based on damage type, with additional settings for damage source and fly text decluttering options.
Strati DeepDungeonDex A live bestiary for Deep Dungeon. Shows target mob aggro type, a subjective threat level, status vulnerabilities, and a general overview of notable mechanics. Threat level is meant to be taken with a grain of salt, is aimed towards solo players, and assumes a general familiarity with deep dungeon mechanics and the class being played. Information is accurate to the best of my knowledge based on crowdsourced information, but I could use your help! Please open an issue on the GitHub if you’d like to correct inaccurate or untested data.
ocealot EasyEyes A plugin which can hide any VFX. Icon by PAPACHIN
Dante Souza e Souza - aka lokinmodar Echoglossian Realtime game text translator
aers EnemyListDebuffs Displays your debuffs on the enemy list.
Xorus EngageTimer Finally, display all the numbers when starting a countdown!

Features :
- Big countdown that displays all the numbers
- Customizable big-number textures (default, yellow, WoW style or custom files)
- Floating window with combat timer and countdown
- OBS browser-source compatible page

Why the OBS thing ? Well, it can be useful if you want a big stylized stopwatch in your recordings.
See repository for more info.

Feel free so send me feedback, bugs and potential improvements!
ascclemens Expanded Search Info Displays extra information pulled from search info when examining.

Support for:
- Any plain text URL
- F-List
- Refsheet

Simply examine someone with a search info containing pointers to one of
these locations and the plugin will display information automatically.

Icon: expand by Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project
daemitus ezFauxHollows This plugin highlights tiles in Faux Hollows that represent the best potential action you can take.
CFG FC Name Color Color your FC’s tag or the entire nameplate if they are in your FC. Use /fcnc to open up the config.
Franz FlashOnTell Flash FFXIV’s program on the taskbar when you receive a /tell. This plugin has no configurable settings at this time.
Aireil FlyTextFilter Allows the filtering of the different fly text types.
Caraxi FPS Plugin Display game FPS. It really is that simple.
Ottermandias GatherBuddy Adds commands to simplify gathering by finding nodes and fish and their locations via item name and a UI to keep track of special uptime and weather conditions.
Chivalrik GentleTouch You need to configure patterns and triggers before it will work,
open the configuration window to do that.
Currently supported triggers are:
- Cooldowns
- Near Aether Current
ascclemens Glamaholic Create and save as many glamour plates as you want. Activate up to 15 of them
at once at the Glamour Dresser. Supports exporting and importing plates for
easy sharing.
ascclemens Globetrotter Automatically shows where treasure maps are located.

Icon: Map by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project
ascclemens Good Memory Adds an indicator in item tooltips to show whether you have acquired that item.

This indicator is in the item’s description near the bottom and only appears for
items that are unlockable, such as orchestrion rolls, minions, etc.

Square Enix say this plugin is impossible!

Icon: Server by Vectorstall from the Noun Project
MgAl2O4 Harp Hero Assist mode for bards who want to play music but don’t know how to.
- does NOT play anything automatically
- needs MIDI files to work
- adapts MIDI tracks to fit in game limitations for you
- you will be scored :O
perchbird Housemate Housemate offers multiple features that help you gain inspiration from other homes in XIV.
If you’re looking for a specific home or outdoor item, you can check the exterior list
when running around a ward. If you’re interested in seeing what items make up a
structure in a home - turn on the item overlay to see what they are!

Note: This plugin is purely informational, and does not assist you in placing
or “glitching” housing items.
Caraxi Item Search Filterable search for Items and Key Items.
Try on any item without having to find someone to link it.
ocealot JobBars Additional job gauges, party buff timers, mitigation trackers, and more. Icon by PAPACHIN
kalilistic Kapture Kapture is a loot tracker to capture drops, obtained items, rolls, and more.
Use the roll monitor to see who you are waiting on to roll.
Gotest Kingdom Hearts UI Bars A plugin that makes Kingdom Hearts UI stuff, such as a health bar for the player.
If you have any questions, issues or suggestions, please post an issue in the github or ping me in the Discord!
Caraxi Macro Chain Allows for a macro to continue onto the next macro by using ‘/nextmacro’ on the last line of a macro.
Adding ‘/nextmacro’ on the last line of Macro #01 will automatically execute Macro #02
Adding ‘/nextmacro down’ on the last line of Macro #01 will automatically execute Macro #11
Also allows executing any macro from chat using ‘/runmacro’ but this command cannot be used while macros are running.
Bluefissure MapLinker Automatically record the maplinks in chat and retrieval later.
fmauNeko Market board Browse the market board. /pmb to open.
Eternita Mini Adds a button and a command to minimize your game into taskbar
daemitus ezMiniCactpot This plugin highlights tiles and lines in MiniCactpot that represent the best potential action you can take.
attick Mouseover Action This plugin lets you target friends or enemies like a macro, without the clunkiness of a macro. /pmoaction opens the configuration.
aers NamePlateDebuffs Displays your debuffs on enemy nameplates.
ascclemens Namingway Rename abilities and status effects.
kalilistic, karashiiro NeatNoter NeatNoter allows you to take notes without switching windows or any of that.
ascclemens NoSoliciting Customisable chat and Party Finder filtering. In addition to letting
you filter anything from chat and PF, it comes with built-in filters
for the following:

- RMT (both gil and content)
- FC ads
- RP ads
- Phishing messages
- Static recruitment
- Trade ads
- Community ads
- Any PF with an item level over the max
Eternita NotificationMaster Notifies you about various events while your game is minimized.
Avaflow Oops, All Lalafells! Turn everyone around you into Lalafells (or other races!)

Use /poal to open settings.
Meli & perchbird Orchestrion Plugin Orchestrion Plugin allows you to change the currently playing in-game BGM. It includes
a curated list of the most accurate in-game song titles, so you know exactly what’s playing,
if you want to know later! Add favorite songs to separate them from the rest.
Note: This plugin does not currently allow you to play actual orchestrion songs.
goat, modded by Franz owo plugin This plugin uwu’s your chat.
MgAl2O4 Pat Me Did you ever wonder how many times your Lala gets a pat? Well, now you can count it!
ascclemens Peeping Tom Shows who is currently or was previously targeting you.
tesu Penny Pincher Plugin for simplifying “pennying” (undercutting current lowest offer by 1).

The usual workflow for this is the following:
1. Open up the adjust price menu for the item you’re undercutting
2. Click on the compare prices menu to view the current listings
3. Take a mental note of what the current lowest offer is
4. Subtract one from it
5. Close the current listings window
6. Update your item’s price with the number you noted
7. Confirm your new price

This plugin eliminates the mental notekeeping steps in the middle by automatically copying the number you want onto your clipboard when you open the current listings window.

Therefore, your new workflow becomes this:
1. Open up the adjust price menu for the item you’re undercutting
2. Click on the compare prices menu to view the current listings
3. Close the current listings window
4. Paste the undercut value in
5. Confirm your new price

This both speeds up the process and reduces room for error from typos.
karashiiro PingPlugin A ping display plugin for Dalamud.
Haplo064 Pixel Perfect Showing exactly where to stand since 2020.
kalilistic PlayerTrack PlayerTrack helps you keep a record of who you meet and the content you played together.
Organize players into categories, keep notes, and track them across name/world changes.
Customization options include colors, icons, nameplates, and alerts.
perchbird PrefPro Your character is personal, so you should be able to have NPCs refer to them
the way that you want. With PrefPro, you can control which text option
will appear when an NPC uses dialogue meant for a specific in-game gender.
This allows you to use a female player model and be referred to as male, and
vice versa. In addition, there are a few name customization options - if you
want to only be referred to by your last name, so be it.
Note: This plugin currently will not swap voiced cutscene dialogue.
kalilistic PriceCheck To check prices, hold your keybind and then hover over an item or via the item’s context menu.
The prices are pulled from the crowd-sourced site Universalis.
UnknownX QoL Bar A plugin designed to provide a simple, customizable and always available interface for chat commands
or other plugins to alleviate the need for using macros and hotbar space to achieve similar results.

The plugin should initially appear as a small box on the bottom center of the game window.
ascclemens Quest Map Explore quests and their rewards.
- Search for quest names or their rewards, including instances,
beast tribes, minions, etc.
- See an interactive map of quest requirements and unlocks.
- Open a quest info window even for quests you haven’t completed.
- Open quest starting locations on the map or open quests in the journal.

Icons: treasure map by Anthony Ledoux from the Noun Project and
locked book by Anthony Ledoux from the Noun Project
Eternita QuestAWAY Removes unwanted icons from your map. Not only quests, any icons.
Caraxi Remind Me UI for showing countdowns for status effects and ability cooldowns.
ascclemens Remote Party Finder Uploader Uploads the PF listings you retrieve to the crowdsourced Remote
Party Finder website (
Chalkos RepairMe Helps you notice when your gear needs to be repaired or has materia to be extracted. /repairme to config
Ottermandias RezPls Easy overview about who is currently resurrecting who, who is already resurrected, and who has removable detrimental status effects in the world as well as in the group or alliance interface.
kalilistic SillyChat Allows you to translate player and NPC chat messages/bubbles.
Supported languages include: Pirate, Urianger, Leet, Pig Latin, and Turkey.
Caraxi Simple Tweaks Plugin A collection of Quality of Life tweaks. Aiming to improve the experience without changing anything drastically.
All changes are toggleable, with everything disabled by default. Visit the Repo for a full list of tweaks. (Globe icon below)\
ocealot SkillSwap Create animation replacement mods for Textools or Penumbra. Icon by PAPACHIN
Sonar Team Sonar Automatically send and receive hunt and fate relays. /sonar to open, /sonarconfig to configure. This plugin is closed source and support is only provided in the Sonar Support discord.
ascclemens Sound Filter Filters any sound or set of sounds from the game.

- Remove a battle sound effect you don’t like
- Remove specific emote sounds
- Remove specific background music

Icons: filter by Kirby Wu from the Noun Project
and Sound by Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project
karashiiro SoundSetter A Dalamud plugin that allows volume control from anywhere, including gpose and cutscenes.
Pohky Teleporter Adds Chat Commands to Teleport to Aetherytes or Areas by Name.
e.g. /tp Quarrymill or /tpm South Shroud
Supports setting up an Alias for Aetherytes to be used with Teleporter Commands
e.g. /tp home instead of /tp Estate Hall (Free Company)
ascclemens Text Box Styler Allows replacing every text box with the background of your choice.
karashiiro TextToTalk Chat TTS. Use /tttconfig to configure the enabled channels and triggers/exceptions.
ascclemens The Great Separator Add separators to various numbers.

- Damage/healing numbers (not DoTs or other players’ numbers)
- Party list HP
- Ability costs on hotbars
- Ability costs in tooltips
attick & perchbird Title Edit Create your own custom title screen of your favorite location in-game, and open the game right up to that spot every time.
Includes a number of preinstalled title screens for you to use or get inspiration from, and an easy to use importer to
use title screens that others have shared!
ascclemens Tourist Tourist adds a window to assist with the sightseeing log.

- Show when sightseeing log vistas are available
- Add markers for ARR vistas
- Open vista locations on your map
- Hide already completed or unavailable vistas
- Show the command needed for each vista

Icon: sightseeing by muhammad from the Noun Project
MgAl2O4 TriadBuddy Triple triad solver, NPC matches only.
- highlights next move during mini game
- evaluates all deck presets before match
- deck optimizer for NPC
- adds more details to card collection window
ocealot VFXEditor View and modify vfxs, as well as create mods for them. Icon by PAPACHIN
Dragon Visibility Allows you to hide players, pets chocobos and minions.
Includes VoidList, which is a better blacklist.
Accessible via /pvis
More information available via /xlhelp
PunishedPineapple Waymark Preset Plugin Allows you to save, edit, place, import, export, and preview an unlimited number of waymark presets.
Haplo064 WOLdo Movable text overlay of the current location name.
Azure Gem Window Title Changer Allows you to change your game window title
daemitus ezWondrousTails This plugin prints the probability of getting a row in Wondrous Tails to the in-game display along with the average probability of what would happen if you shuffled.
ascclemens XIVChat Server XIVChat is a suite of software allowing you to use FFXIV’s chat from
different devices. This is the server component required to do so.

For information about clients to use with this server, see the website.
attick XIV Combo This plugin condenses combos and mutually exclusive abilities onto a single button. /pcombo to open menu
daemitus ZodiacBuddy This plugin attempts to help you complete your Zodiac weapon in various ways.